Dyeing Yarn

My friends and family know that my true passion lies in dyeing yarn.  For a while I was dyeing and selling constantly.  Over the past couple of years I pulled back and I rarely sell yarns or even dye unless it is something specifically for a gift or for me to knit with.  It was great to make money on something I love.  It feels even better to have my hobby back to enjoy only for me.  I love seeing how colors come together.  I love using bright colors.  I especially love the differences between skeins of yarn even if they are dyed together.  I am fascinated by making something unique and personal for a knitting project. Continue reading


Pizza Casserole… Fail

We had a Pinterest fail this week.  The other night I set out to make a Pizza Casserole.  It seemed like a good idea.  How can you go wrong with Mozzarella and Pepperoni, right? WRONG!!! When the secret ingredient and main substance in the recipe is cauliflower you might not want to kid yourself into thinking it will be edible.  I followed the directions precisely.  It seemed like a good way to sneak cauliflower into my kids without them noticing.  Believe me, they noticed.  I love cauliflower.  The others will eat it once in a while.  I usually roast it, serve it raw with ranch, puree it and hide it in something, or even substitute it for rice.  All of these things are in an attempt to get my kids and husband to see that cauliflower is not scary or icky.

Two of my kids did eat it, one of which was Mr. Picky, but that was only because he was promised dessert if he ate it.  My youngest wouldn’t do more than pick out the whole pepperonis and beg me to scrape the other stuff off of it.  My Husband Extraordinaire and I both agree that this is officially on our “Never make again” list.  Cooking for a family is a lot of trial and error.  And around here we have some favorite meals and some not so favorite meals and often we like to try something new.  I’m not sure the kids like to try new things but I sure don’t like to get into a rut with our meals.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and the internet.  But we also have some great cookbooks and some meals that we have come up with on our own.

During our marriage I have found some recipes that got rave reviews yet turned out to taste horrendous.  It doesn’t happen often.  One specific incident happened during our first year of marriage and we still laugh about it.  I wanted to make a casserole with ground beef.  Seems simple enough right? Well the internet lead me to a recipe that claimed to be the best ground beef casserole.  So I made this thing up.  About 15 minutes into the process I realized that the only palatable color in the recipe was coming from the frozen peas it asked for.  When I served it we both kind of look disgusted.  It looked and smelled like canned dog food.  And we weren’t surprised that it tasted like dog food too.  I took a bite, gagged, and tried to remove the plate from in front of my husband.  He was so sweet, he tried to keep eating and he even told me it was great.  I knew from looking at his face that he was lying to make me feel better.  But I appreciated the effort.  After his second bite I was able to take the plate and offer to go out to dinner.  It is the kind of newlywed story that many experience.  So I am going to do you a favor here on my blog, I will not lie to you when I try something and it is just plain disgusting.  I will not gloss over it or sugar coat it.

Have you come across a recipe that ended in you needing to go out to dinner?