Our November

We started November off with some family portraits.  The kids had a blast out there with our friend and photographer Molly.   Continue reading


The Challenge

The Challenge: Can our family of 4 eat 3 meals a day plus snacks, 7 days a week on only $60/ week? That is $8.57/day for all five of us.  Or $2.14/person per day.  When my son Mr. Picky is here we stick to the budget as well, this reduces it to $1.71/person per day.

The Reason: We took a loan to cover closing costs on the sale of our home.  Being huge fans of Dave Ramsey we wanted to pay the $7,800 off as quickly as possible.  We have always been pretty no-frills with the rest of our budget.  We have no credit cards or car loans, we do not subscribe to cable, none of us have expensive hobbies, and I also recently broke my fancy coffee habit.  The only place that we had an excessive amount of waste and needless spending was in our food budget each week.

Who We Are:  am Shea, I am 28 and my biggest jobs are raising The Kids and being a frugal homemaker by staying within our budget.  Michael is my Husband Extraordinaire, he is 30 and he works full time and comes home to be the Daddy Jungle Gym and Official Dishwasher.  Mr. Picky is Alexander, 8 3/4, his job is to play video games and critique my cooking.  The Girls are Amelia, 4 3/4, and Annabelle, 3, their jobs are to make messes, eat plenty, bicker, and be sweet little darlings.

Fun Family Facts: Our income is around the median family income for our area.  We recently moved to Oregon from San Diego.  Michael has a Bachelors of Science from Embry Riddle.  I love to knit and I dye all of my own yarns.  We have been married over 6 years and we have recently taken up running together for exercise.  We started this challenge at the beginning of December 2012 and we will continue for the foreseeable future because it has become a fun challenge.