Rotisserie Chicken

Usually a Rotisserie Chicken is just too expensive for us to use for a dinner so we don’t often give them a second glance in the store.  This week though we found that our store puts some in the refrigerated section and sell them for a dollar less.  So for $3.98 we got a whole chicken which is about $2 cheaper than I could get a whole fryer chicken for.

Because it is already cold I think up great things to use it for.  Of course it will not become dinner that night but that doesn’t mean I can’t cut it up and use the breast slices for topping a salad or just on the side of some veggies and rice for the kids.  And the rest of it can get diced up and used for chicken salad.  Plus I can use the rest of the carcass for making chicken broth.  So I can get 4 lunches for the 3 kids and a whole gallon of chicken broth for only $3.98.  To me that is quite a bargain.  It is little things like this that make room in our budget for buying better quality or specialty items.