Straw-Blueberry Chia Pudding

This morning I made this amazing Straw-Blueberry Chia Pudding.  Amelia helped me by measuring the chopped strawberries and pouring them into the food processor.  It was a simple and quick thing to make but it does need to sit for over an hour before it is really set up and a smooth consistency.

I served it with Greek Yogurt and Gluten Free granola, parfait style.  Mr. Picky enjoyed the granola, and was glad that the yogurt was Greek Yogurt, the only kind he likes according to him, but he seemed pretty upset by the fact that there were dates in the “jam” as Amelia calls it.  He didn’t bother even tasting it despite it being made with his 2 favorite berries.  The Girls on the other hand ate their parfaits and begged for more.  I think this “Pudding” is something we will keep around as a treat in the future or as something to top oatmeal in a couple days… if I don’t eat it before then.  It is seriously that delicious.

What is your favorite breakfast fruit?



Paleo Chocolate Banana Smoothies

Today’s breakfast was a “healthy” version of a chocolate banana smoothie.  It involved dates, almond milk, dutch cocoa powder, and of course frozen banana slices.

Start with 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk

Add a cup of pitted dates, about 8 ounces

You can put the 2 TBS of cocoa powder in at that time too

Blend until smooth

Add 3 sliced and frozen bananas

Blend until smooth

Serves 4.

No refined sugar, yet so decadent.  Even my super picky 8 year old drank as much as he could and put the rest in the fridge for later.  I may not have gotten a compliment from him but a lack of complaint is possibly more rewarding.

And just a tip: Do not make this in a Cuisenart Classic Food Processor circa 1991… it does not seal properly against liquids and well, it turns the kitchen into a splash zone.  My youngest is sick today and therefore unwilling to leave my arms or my side for any length of time so she became a reluctant helper this morning and ended up splattered in chocolate almond milk with date chunks… whoops.