Hello everybody, I am Shea and this blog is a project almost 4 months in the works.  at the beginning of December Michael (my Husband Extraordinaire) and I found ourselves needing to bring money into the sale of our first home.  After being debt free for over two years thanks to the teachings of Dave Ramsey this was a huge adjustment for us.  Even the idea of having to take a loan out hurt our pride.  But we did it in order to avoid having to short sale our house or even rent it out.

Michael got an amazing job offer at the end of October and we packed up our house, put it on the market, sold one of our vehicles, and moved 800 miles away all in under 3 weeks.  The move went off without a hitch.  It was only once we got an accepted offer on the house (a whole 8 days after listing it for sale), that things got tricky.  The appraisal process can be a nail biter.  And when the appraisal came back for $10,000 under the accepted sale price we had a few moments of panic.  Thanks to a wonderful Realtor who kept me from freaking out, we were able to negotiate with the buyers, if they brought in $2,500 we would bring in the other $7,500+.

Christmas was only a few weeks away and we looked at each other and started to come up with a game plan, Dave Ramsey style.  So, Dave suggests you cut back on everything that is not necessary to human survival in order to pay off debt.  We wrote out our bills and expenses and we realized food was killing us.  We seemed to run through the grocery store throwing in items that we would like to have around without any sort of plan.  That had to stop immediately to take our budget from around $500 per month to something reasonable.

The faster we pay off debt the better life is in the long run, the sooner we can buy a second vehicle, or the more fun we can have taking the girls places like the Zoo.  Michael and I didn’t know what a perfect dollar amount would be for our weekly grocery shopping would be.  We had heard of politicians going on a Food Stamps challenge, where they eat for a week or two only using the same amount of money the federal SNAP program gives a recipient.  But that amount was already close to our grocery budget at the time and we needed to cut some serious costs and reduce our waste.  Then Michael asked me if I thought I could do it for $60/ week.  Being a thrifty woman I gladly accepted the challenge.

Over the last few months I have learned a lot and so many people expressed an interest in my project that I decided to blog about it.  Hopefully this will show you readers that you can eat delicious, healthy meals that are for the most part easy to prepare without wasting money or food, and all for close to half of the federal food stamps allotment.


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