Cappuccino Lay’s are a huge FAIL

I love potato chips.  If you were fortunate enough to know me as a teen then you would know that I was found more often then not in the Breakfast Room with my bad leg up on the tile table, a Dr. Pepper in one hand, a spoon resting in a pint of vanilla ice cream, a bag of Lay’s on the table and a good book in my hand.  I wasn’t overweight then but I am now.

My love of potato chips was ruined and it wasn’t by my weight loss goals.  It was ruined by something that Frito Lay’s never ever ever should have allowed to happen: Cappuccino flavored potato chips.  Goodness gracious it is like biting into crunchy burnt coffee being masked by a hint of cinnamon.  One bite was enough to make me gag and desperately seek out ways to get this foul taste out of my mouth.  Sadly it has been over 10 minutes and I am still making a face and wanting to write to Frito Lay’s.

I love coffee.  Ask my husband and my kids, if I don’t get my morning fix I am grouchy and threatening to eat them.  I don’t usually spring for the fancy stuff either because that is just not in the budget.  Whatever generic brand is being sold for under $4 and will get me through a month is what ends up in my cart.  I am not too discerning when it comes to coffee because caffeine is caffeine to me.  But this Crappuccino chip was worse than getting served a cup of stale truck stop coffee on the I-5 between the Grape Vine and Coalinga.

How did this even become a chip flavor?


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