Dyeing Yarn

My friends and family know that my true passion lies in dyeing yarn.  For a while I was dyeing and selling constantly.  Over the past couple of years I pulled back and I rarely sell yarns or even dye unless it is something specifically for a gift or for me to knit with.  It was great to make money on something I love.  It feels even better to have my hobby back to enjoy only for me.  I love seeing how colors come together.  I love using bright colors.  I especially love the differences between skeins of yarn even if they are dyed together.  I am fascinated by making something unique and personal for a knitting project. Continue reading


Peach Fruit Leather

I found another use for some of those peaches.  A few days ago I made fruit leather.  When I was pitting, peeling, slicing, dicing, freezing, and generally up to my elbows in peaches I also pureed some.  I froze the puree and last night while I was organizing my almost overflowing freezer I pulled out the bag of puree to make into fruit leather.

Over the weekend, while grocery shopping, I picked up a jug of unsweetened apple sauce.  With the peach fruit leather you need to add equal amounts peach puree and apple sauce for texture.  I am not aiming for the fruit by the foot texture.  I want it to be thicker and more like those Stretch Island fruit leathers you can buy in the impulse section in the natural foods grocery store, you know, the expensive ones.

So all together I ended up with 6 cups of purees mixed together and the spoonful I tasted was delicious.  I lined an 8 inch square Pyrex casserole dish and a 9×13″ casserole dish with parchment paper.  I saw online directions that said to use plastic wrap and tape but the thought of that in the oven makes me uncomfortable.

Then I put about 2 cups of the mixture in the 8″ square dish and 4 cups in the 9×13″ dish (each was a little less than 1/2″ thick) and I waited for this French Toast I had baking in the oven to finish.  I put the 2 dishes of puree in the oven at 275* for 1 hour then I reduced the heat to 175* for 8 hours.  After that I turned off the oven and left them in overnight without opening the oven.  I woke up the next morning to some pretty great fruit leather.  I pulled them out, peeled them gently from the parchment paper and sliced them in approximately even slices.  I am not a total perfectionist so I wasn’t too worried about the sizes being exact.  I trimmed the kind of ugly edges off to make much prettier strips.

Then I taste tested the edge pieces and wow! I added no sweetener to this.  I was going for a natural treat and I achieved it.  If I had made my own applesauce I would have used that but it isn’t quite apple season yet.  Because of the price we paid for the peaches and the applesauce this entire treat of 20 fruit leathers cost  $3.44 or $0.17 each… about 1/3 the price of buying an equivalent amount of Stretch Island brand fruit leathers.

Amelia’s review: “These taste really good, just like the grocery shop ones.”

Annabelle’s review: “These taste yellow.”