Freezer Burritos

On our camping trip our friends brought these yummy smelling pre-made burritos and just heated them up over the fire in a pan.  Their boys ate them on up with sour cream and I was feeling jealous.  Despite having a perfectly grilled burger in my hands I was coveting their burritos.  Of course I had to ask her for the recipe.  Hooray for technology because we can just tell our friends “it is on my Pinterest” and they know what you are talking about.

I couldn’t resist looking it up when I got home and I found the recipe for Freezer Burritos.  This recipe gives you measurements to use pre made refried beans and enchilada sauce or, my preference, make your own from recipes they gathered.  The enchilada sauce is the best I have ever tasted and I can’t wait to make more soon.  The refried beans were so much cheaper to make than buy.  This whole thing took so much longer because I wanted to make it all myself but I couldn’t resist.

So in total it yielded 20 burritos for the freezer and about 2 cups of extra mixture (enough for 6-8 more burritos) that I set aside and made a bean dip out of for the tortilla chips I had leftover from our camping trip.

With the ground beef on sale, the pinto beans, making my own chicken broth, buying the chili powder in bulk, shredded cheese, and locally made flour tortillas it cost $8 for those 20 burritos.

They passed my taste inspection but The Girls were not totally pleased by them.  They aren’t big fans of Mexican inspired food like I am.  My Husband Extraordinaire does not like beans so he has yet to try them.  That is fine.  It gives me quick lunches for myself on days when The Girls are having PB&J’s with that peach jam I made.

Do you stock homemade and easy to heat up foods in your freezer?


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