On our way to the grocery store yesterday we passed by Harry and David’s and saw their flashing sign advertising peaches for only $0.15/pound.  And how can you pass that up?  A few weeks ago we went by and bought quite a few pounds for only $0.20/pound… and I sliced those up and froze them.  Yesterday we bought over 60 pounds and I have spent today slicing, peeling, dicing, and pureeing them… and I haven’t even gotten through a full 30 pounds.  It looks like I will need to make a run to the store for lids and sugar to make peach jam.


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  1. We just bought a case of peaches. I found a cool trick. Wash them and freeze them whole. Once completely frozen you can slice them and put them back in the freezer and they don’t tend to stick together quite as bad. The skins also come off easily when frozen if you don’t want them on.

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