Shepherd’s Pie and Pinterest

If you all follow my Eight Dollars a Day board on Pinterest then you know I pin new meal ideas often.  On there I have things from Paleo to Vegan and now Gluten Free.  We have tried so many different eating styles in the past few years to see what works best for us.  What we have learned is that Paleo can be done on a budget but unless you are eating primarily vegetables and proper servings of meat you will find yourself gaining instead of losing weight.  Vegan tastes like hungry… and lentils are never an acceptable substitution for meat in a Shepherd’s Pie.  And Gluten Free is easier when we are not constantly trying to find acceptable substitutions for the breads and sweets.

That all being said, we did find a great and totally family friendly Shepherd’s Pie recipe.  Even Mr. Picky ate a big serving and I didn’t have to coax him to eat the vegetables in it.  I followed it almost exactly except for the Tablespoon of minced garlic I added in after the onions.  And her directions do not seem to specify when to add the brown sugar so I just put it in with the rest of the spices.  I did use a steak rub and the zucchini which she lists as optional.  But to me they made the meal.  We used that homemade chicken broth that I talked about a couple days ago.

Stay tuned to find out if the kids like the Straw-Blueberry Chia Pudding for breakfast tomorrow.

What kind of eating styles have you tried? What did you like about each one?


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