Paleo Chocolate Banana Smoothies

Today’s breakfast was a “healthy” version of a chocolate banana smoothie.  It involved dates, almond milk, dutch cocoa powder, and of course frozen banana slices.

Start with 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk

Add a cup of pitted dates, about 8 ounces

You can put the 2 TBS of cocoa powder in at that time too

Blend until smooth

Add 3 sliced and frozen bananas

Blend until smooth

Serves 4.

No refined sugar, yet so decadent.  Even my super picky 8 year old drank as much as he could and put the rest in the fridge for later.  I may not have gotten a compliment from him but a lack of complaint is possibly more rewarding.

And just a tip: Do not make this in a Cuisenart Classic Food Processor circa 1991… it does not seal properly against liquids and well, it turns the kitchen into a splash zone.  My youngest is sick today and therefore unwilling to leave my arms or my side for any length of time so she became a reluctant helper this morning and ended up splattered in chocolate almond milk with date chunks… whoops.


Eight Dollars a Day and Gluten Free

My oldest is Gluten Free.  We have been sticking to our budget and staying Gluten Free for him.  It is more than a financial challenge… it is difficult for those of us, namely me, who love bread, pasta, and soy sauce.  To add an extra layer to the challenge he is a picky eater and can’t have cow’s milk.

First things first, I chose not to “substitute” gluten free items in for their gluten laden brothers.  If he can’t eat gluten then there is no bread.  I am not going to spend $6 a loaf or extra hours every couple of days just to fail epically at baking a decent and delicious bread that he would actually eat. And I am definitely not spending a small fortune on all of the “flours” that are required to make even a nasty tasting loaf of Gluten Free bread… let alone what is required to make a loaf that tastes just like it’s gluten filled counterparts.  There is just not room in the budget for those things and I am unapologetic.  

Another thing, I am cutting out refined sugar even more than I have in the past years.  No juice.  No sweets.  No desserts.  Fruits are our only source of easy sugar right now.  Luckily peaches have been on sale for only $0.20 a pound.  

That being said I have come up with nutritious and delicious meals for the whole family… and the complaints are… plentiful from his end but minimal from the rest of us.  I miss bread.  The girls miss bread.  Nobody is sleeping well.  And all of us are a little grouchy.  But I do notice that I no longer crave coffee, let alone my 1/4 cup of sugar in my coffee.  I am drinking more water and so are all 3 kids.  My Husband Extraordinaire is my rock and support through this.